Random Thoughts

A man doing manual labor with a hand towel draped over his shoulder is the hardest worker in the company, and I cannot be convinced otherwise.

The thought of running a microwave for more than seven minutes at a time terrifies me more than anything. I have no idea why.

If the people I see that are wealthy are what you have to be like to become wealthy, I don’t want any part of it.

People seem to be unclear on the point of bumper stickers.  Bumper stickers should tell us something we don’t already know about you.  Two groups seem especially unclear on this.  First, hybrid owners:  you don’t need to put a sticker on your car that says anything about being pro-green–we get it.  Second, African-Americans:  pro-Obama stickers?  Is it to shame the remaining 7% of you who didn’t vote for him?

Studies and experience seem to reveal that the more educated people become, the less children they have.  Of all human behaviors worth researching with the intent of reversing its course, this one needs the most attention soonest.


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