So You’re Dying To Hear What It’s Like, Eh?

Well, I’ll tell ya.  Working at a car wash–for me–is like listening to a broken record on which is recorded Mr. Miagi’s “Wax on, Wax off,” Improved-George McFly’s “Now, Biff, I want make sure that we get two coats of wax this time, not just one,” and Chris Rock’s “Scrape, scrape, scrape…surely two hours have passed…WHAT?!  Only 15 minutes!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!”

In other words, it’s kinda fun.  Thanks for asking.



  1. Joan Janis

    When I was in high school, the movie “Car Wash” came out, possibly with a top 40 song, “Working At the Carwash”. It was all fun and games until Breaking Bad came along and gave it that sinister intrigue. Thinking of you and how you make the best of everything, Pete.


    • A Mugwump

      Thanks Joan. Just think; each of us is only a few decisions away from being able to make the best of everything. Ha.

      Today a kid says, “No way. You were a pilot in the Air Force, eh? (Long, thoughtful pause) And here you are working at this place.”

      I really hope I provide as much joy to people when I talk as he provided me. He couldn’t believe it.


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