This Past Sunday Women Learned There Is A Fourth Species of Spider…Now Wondering, “Are there more?”

Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Daddy Long legs.  Until Sunday, women knew of no other spiders.  Until Sunday, women would see a spider, then say, “Is it a Black Widow?”

Or, “I think that’s a Brown Recluse…I read that leaving near-empty mayonnaise jars out will act like a trap, if you suspect you have them.”

Or, “Hey, look, a Daddy Long Legs.  Did you know that Daddy Long Legs are the most deadly spider in the world?  It’s true.  They just don’t have big enough teeth to pierce our skin.  Kill it anyway, will ya, hon?”

But this past Sunday, a spider had the nerve to bite a woman.  The spider didn’t look anything like one of the three, so she did what any reasonable women would do and Google’d it.  Using her phone to take a picture, she searched Google Images for the spider.  Lo and behold, it was another species of spider altogether.  All along she thought there were only three species of spiders.

Words cannot describe the joy she felt as she called her mom to share the news.  Naturally, her mom didn’t believe her at first.  But then her mom remembered that her father had always said there were more than three types of spiders when she told him what she thought she saw when she was growing up.

Alas, the elated feelings were fleeting as the mother daughter tandem soon realized they unknowingly opened the door to learning.  “Are there more species we don’t know about?” they silently wondered to themselves.


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