“Here it is,” he thought.  Finally the call he’d been waiting for.  “What the hell took so long?”  It had been over two weeks.  The guy’s tone wasn’t cheery.  Does anyone actually enjoy the small talk in these situations?  “Enough about how everyone is doing, just get to it.  ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.”


“No,” he says.  “…and I have no feedback to offer,” he volunteers.

“Chicken shit.”  “No balls.”

“Look on the bright side.”  “One closed door opens another.”

At least respect him as a person.  “What kind of company would waste so much of someone’s time and energy?”

“But there is that other similar position…maybe there’s still hope?”

“No fucking feedback?”  How is he supposed to learn from this?  What lesson is there?  He gives it his best, they say “no” and…(crickets)?

The day a person gets a new job is a pretty freakin’ great day in their life.  What does that say about the day they don’t get a new job?  Pretty freakin’ bad day in their life?

No reason given.  “Thanks for nothing, fucktard.”

Easily the most epic failure of his life.  What does it mean?  Is he so out of touch that he couldn’t tell how the interviews went?

Asking for help regarding meaningful employment seems so weak to him.

“There’s a flip side to every coin.”

“Who knows…”  For so long he had seen the future.  No longer.  What did that mean?

But all the literature demands staying positive.  “Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.”  Probably.  For someone.

As for him, there was just shameful embarrassment for an immature reaction.

And confusion.



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