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How To Respect

(If you’re short on time, skip to the bottom for numbered instructions.)

He couldn’t be sure, but it seemed there was at least a correlation between the two.  He thought it was more likely cause and effect than correlation though.  But he knew it didn’t have to be.  He knew that laziness was the real culprit.

Of course, he couldn’t blame anyone in particular.  It certainly wasn’t the aggregators fault; they were just amassing the information.  Likewise, it wasn’t the people who provided the information’s fault.  All they did was volunteer knowledge–itself a pretty harmless action at worst.

There seemed to be no other option.  It had to be the individual.  Was the individual person the guilty party?  Yes.  He was sure of it.  He knew it all along.  He tried to pretend the responsibility didn’t fall on a single person’s shoulders, but it was clear now.  As much as he wanted to shrug off the burden, a singular sensation passing through his body signaled that he was right.  Everyone was accountable for the lack of respect permeating the culture.

In an instant, his mood changed.  He felt cheery and seemed to see the world in a different light.  If the problem had been identified, there could now be a solution.  Of all people, he should have seen this bright conclusion earlier.   It mattered not.  He wouldn’t allow these thoughts to dampen his mood.

Up until recently, there did seem to be a direct relationship between how much information a person knew, and how wise they were.  Naturally, the information age has saturated mankind with data.  As a result, everyone acted on the belief that there were answers to life’s problems.  People thought that information was wisdom.  The mistake is forgivable.  Nonetheless, it must be addressed.  The starting place, is re-learning how to respect another person.  He knew this point was tricky, as not every person behaves in a way that deserves respect.  He also knew that people rise to the occasion, and in this country every person has the same inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In this manner, at least, all people deserve respect.

So how does one give respect?  See below.

Instructions for How To Respect:

Step 1 – Listen.

Step 2 – Ask, “What are you going to do?”