But Batteries Run Out

I just snuck in another free WSJ article. This time it was apolitical, and, instead, was about how batteries will power the world. While semi-interesting, and full of prophecy, I didn’t find one attempt to overcome the most obvious objection I (and I believe we all) have. That is, the article never addressed the fact that every battery I have ever used has run out.

Do I care whether I am traveling down the road in a battery powered car or a gas powered car? Nope. But I do know that every battery powered item I have ever used has run out of juice. My car—none of the several cars I have owned—have “run out”.

This is not semantics or wordplay. I’m very serious and I want the folks who want me to use batteries to read this and address it/overcome it.

To be clear, I don’t mean that I cannot understand how a charging station can fulfill the same role as a gas station. I mean that I have a laptop that won’t hold a charge. I mean that rechargeable batteries still are discarded.

Batteries run out. Life doesn’t. Why in the world would I want to power the world with a battery?



  1. noelleg44

    Exactly, and that is why the President’s stated wish to transform all 600,000 plus of government vehicles to electric is incomprehensible to me. The cost aside, as well as the poisonous waste of lithium batteries, where are the charging stations and who wants to sit and wait for hours while your car charges?

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