I Told You So!

I told you so! Nobody wants to admit it. And those who do admit it, just shrug it off. But I told you so!

Back in December or November I visited my step-son’s public elementary school for a day. Afterward, I wrote a post which included that the most surprising thing was how little the kids were taught during their day. I wrote that they received “maybe two hours” of instruction.

I promptly pulled him out and began homeschooling him.

Now that the kids are all home, my daughter says that she has “half-an-hour to one hour” (happy to correct my “hour and a half?” clarification until she wished she hadn’t) of schoolwork a day. In exchange for an 8+ hour rigamarole charade, the kids can work for 30 minutes? Every public school teacher should be fired. Then flogged. They are nothing but lying liars.

I told you so!

30-60 minutes. What the mother-effing sh!t are they doing the rest of the day in those buildings?

What a waste. What a shame.

What a waste. What a shame.

What a waste. What a shame.


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  1. Andrew (Drew) Ford

    A one day sample “sometime in November or December” would not seem to support a balanced thorough or methodical evaluation of the teaching regimen. If you want the teachers to be better, how about a better evaluation. With respects, Drew

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