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A few months ago I read, “Brave New World”. Concurrently, I was working through, “The Age of Innocence”, but for a variety of reasons I’m still working through Wharton’s classic. However, an idea has already cemented itself in my brain and I feel like sharing.

The idea: another joint book review. This time, I compare and contrast these two novels. (Hesitations you should be thinking right now include, “I didn’t think genetic engineering was something Newland discussed with Countess Olenska.” And “‘Brave’ had a lot of sexual references, but, Pete, that doesn’t mean it’s a love story.”)

The sticking point that is driving my motivation is that “Brave New World’s” author gets all this credit for seemingly predicting so many things that arrived with modernity. The trouble is, Aldous wrote his story after Edith. At best, he jumped in the same river. At worst, he plagiarized. You’ll be dying to reread these two greats after you check out what I have to say. Look for the post in the future.


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