My Best Conversation Tip When You Know You Are Smarter Than Everyone In The Room

I recently moved. It’s been difficult, but it is a good thing–a great thing. I am flying again.

However, I have been struggling on the social side of life. Many of you may recall that while I wasn’t flying, I was educating myself. More than educating myself, I was learning how we know anything about anything.

When one engages in this pursuit, the pursuit of knowledge, he or she is usually surrounded by other like-minded individuals. In other words, he or she feels normal. They feel comfortable.

But when school ends, reality hits home. No one cares. People not in school simply do not care. To you all, I say, “Cool beans. Good for you.”

But the problem remains. If I walk into a church, I probably have studied biblical history, language history, and the Bible itself more than any two people present combined. If I am among a group of pilots, my military flight training sets me apart from the civilian group for sure, and my having been trained by the Air Force sets me apart from the wannabe Air Force pilots that settled for serving in a flying capacity in one of the other branches.

In short, the problem is conversations become belabored. These days I want to get in-depth on whatever subject matter is of note. I mean, I have questions, man! Soon after, though, they realize that they don’t quite carry the same fire as I do. Consequently, one of us changes the subject to avoid silence.

After much consideration, then, I have discovered the solution. Or at least the following offering is my best conversation tip when you know you are smarter than everyone in the room. (This is both for me and for some of the other smartypants I know who are noisily lurking around out there.)


Here it is: Be quiet.

Yup. Stay silent. Keep observing and keep learning. There is no rush.

Okay. That’s all, folks!

PS: Dark Phoenix was great. I think the reason it received bad press was its elevation and commendation of the virtue of “forgiveness”.



  1. Brian Moore

    In my view, this is the biggest problem with advanced education. The more you learn, the narrower your focus becomes. As the focus of your education becomes more constricted, so does the pool of those that have the ability to teach you something new in your chosen field. But at that point your educators start to become very similar to each other. Similar backgrounds, similar upbringings, similar life experiences. The search for knowledge, in other words, leads you farther and farther from a true understanding of the individuals whose paths we cross. The solution, as you have found Pete, is to be both a student and a professor in life. Be open to both learning and teaching in this complex world.

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  2. noelleg44

    What are you flying, Pete? Small plane? I got up in a Piper twice last year.
    I haven’t seen Dark Phoenix but loved Avengers: End Game. I think I will hit Toy story next – I’m a sucker for sweet movies.

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