News From The Factory

So it didn’t take long to notice that the fellas at work wear their team gear on Fridays for morale. Trying to fool myself into believing I am in-touch, I dug out the sweet, home team, on the field jersey that I had previously purchased for the same reason a few jobs back.

Tonight, I find my orange self alone and subject to pointed snickers.

Apparently if the boys are 0-9, then being in-touch means knowing that you don’t wear the visible reminder of the embarrassing season. Oh well. At least I have my health.



  1. quiltjunkie

    Oh dear… another devoted Browns fan? We recently moved to NE Ohio and we’re surrounded by devotees. We’re devoted to our own relentlessly losing team (Texans), and stick out big time around here! 🙂

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  2. noelleg44

    We were devoted Browns fans many years ago when the old stadium was still in existence. Used to buy tickets for the bleachers where the wind off the lake could chill you to the bone. That’s devotion! And all we could afford.

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