Quick Note

Well, now you see what a draft or work in progress looks like. And to think you didn’t have to wait until I passed on to glory or rummage through any paperwork begrudgingly. I must say it is odd how many likes the post garnered, but I’ll not linger on the implications.

School is back in session. Posts will likely be few and far between for a bit. But I will produce more Cain and Abel, yes, to include one from the perspective of Eve.



  1. Pete Deakon

    H- is officially getting older. The best way to describe it is the other day at church the pastor said, “Let the church say ‘Amen'”, to which I said, “Amen.” Then the pastor said, as usual, “Let the church say, ‘Amen’ again.” For kicks, I said aloud, “Amen Again.” H- looked up to me and said, “I think he just meant, like, say ‘Amen’ again, not say, ‘again’.


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