The Morning Paper

Beginning the previous night during a skype session with grandma and pops, little H- manifested a year old Lego instruction guide previously hidden in the depths of her room. Naturally, the pamphlet was equal part instructions and advertisements. As her birthday was rapidly approaching, H- was sure to make her requests for new Lego sets earnestly.

The following morning, her dad placed her bowl of milk-less Cinnamon Toast Crunch in front of her, remembering the spoon and everything this time. He then began to fix himself a bowl and saw she was again engaged by this Lego pamphlet.

“What are you doing, H-?” he asked.

“I’m reading the newspaper,” she answered nonchalantly.

“Who reads the newspaper anymore?” he questioned out loud, looking to challenge the lass.

“Grandma and pops,” she replied, unphased.

“Oh,” he muttered. It was true. The Kansas City Star still made it onto the grandparents’ kitchen table every day. “So, what’s going on? Anything important?”

“Well,” H- began with a breath, “it looks like they’re building something.”



  1. noelleg44

    Charming, Pete. Your daughter is very insightful! My son Patrick loved Legos – still does, he collects them. We usually bought him a set whenever he was sick and confined to bed. He always built what was on the cover without looking at what he called “the constructions.”

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