4 Reasons To Avoid Using Eye-Catching Headlines

1. First, nobody likes people who try too hard. And a good eye-catching headline, such as, “Did Michael Jackson Secretly Confess to Janet That He Was Guilty?” or my favorite one from LinkedIn of late, “10 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job in 2014”, these types of headlines that really beg the reader to point-and-click reek of strong cologne before a big date. Rather than trying too hard, it’s better if you try just the right amount.

2. Second, your reputation is worth more than the ad revenue generated by clicks. And readers often feel let down when they discover (again) that Michael Jackson didn’t confess anything to Janet, and that there is not one good reason, let alone ten, to quit working in 2014. After time, people will question your integrity and motivations.

3. Third, and finally, the most enticing headlines are always one mistake away from pissing readers off.



  1. Erik Conover

    I’ve has my wordpress site up for alittle over a month and a half and gained an audience of over 2.5k using engaging titles. It’s not about ad clicks but the amount of eyes that reach your content.

    Must be aware of the native language of the media platform you’re writing on. WordPress favors quick with, concise wording and catchy headlines



    • A Mugwump

      Hey Erik,

      I can’t quite tell if you get/got the satire or not in this post. That said, congrats on gaining so many followers so quickly, though I’m pretty sure it’s because you post pictures of yourself without a shirt on. That, and you have been interviewed for skills like not wearing shirts at work. Ha. My question–the question this post poses–is what about the quality of the content? Catchy headlines are easy, quality content–whether clothed in shirts or not–is not.

      In any case, thanks for reading and commenting. Based on our blog content we seem to have slightly different views of the world, but I like how active you are on wordpress. Good luck.



      • Erik Conover


        I have a degree in Business Communications minor in literature from Northeastern University, graduated in 2013 with honors.

        I am very well read. I take care of my body. I was a division 1 rower in college. I have a beautiful girlfriend whom I love. I’m currently working on finishing my first screenplay and in talks with getting funding to put it into a reality.

        My day job is as a lifeguard while I pursue a career I had no intentions of pursuing life. Its much more exciting than working in Finance ( I worked 6 months for Liberty Mutual in wealth management after graduation before realizing I had to get out )

        My views on the world? Become the best version of yourself you can be. Work hard. Pursue what you love. Provide for your family.

        No room for haters.

        Have a nice evening, Peter.


    • wildcat

      Personally I like the content of these articles with catchy headlines. I do not have a degree in Business Communications or a minor in literature so I probably do not understand all of the literary intricacies in native languages like Erik does but where else is a person supposed to go to find important information.

      Not to mention, its hard to be well read – it takes a lot of time to fight through superfluous and redundant language in books. If an author can make his point and provide some good information, there is no need to repeat over and over.

      I am a fan of the Pete’s work.


      • A Mugwump

        I read this in bed this morning. It wasn’t until I saw it on the big screen that I noticed the “the” Thanks buddy. Ol’ Brad is the man to thank for that. I still like it, but have never been able to make it stick with anyone other friends. I didn’t really expect this post to rustle up any emotions, but I think the only way to solve the debate is a spelling contest. What do you say?


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