Mac ‘n’ Cheese’s Home Date

“How’s your mac’n’cheese H-?”

“It’s far away,” she responded matter of factly.

“Huh?  How’s your mac’n’cheese?”

“It’s far away.  It’s in Townsville,” she said, finally elaborating.

“Wait what?” he asked, shaking his head.  More curious than ever to discover where this would lead he again asked, “How’s your mac’n’cheese?”

“I told you daddy.  It’s far away.  It’s in Townsville.  On May 10th.  That’s my birthday,” she said, nodding her head while staring at the dish.  Searching eyes exposed her thoughts more than words ever could.  “How can I be more clear?  I think I’m being clear,” she thought.

“Your mac’n’cheese is far away, in Townsville, which is on May 10th?” he asked, attempting for clarification.

“Yep,” she answered, delighted by his demonstration of understanding.

“Oooookay then.”



  1. ellianiboushae

    Truly adorable! Now I want to know more. Dig for more. Maybe you could say something like, “Tell me about Townsville, Honey.”


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