If the shining sun in the blue sky

Reveals everything for what it is,

We must also confess that it adds a heavy weight to life.

But night!

Night, sable night, lifts this load.

Like the unrestrained black cosmos

That floats above us,

Night furthers freedom–

Freedom to visit secret destinations,

Commit private acts,

Admit confidential thoughts.

Night.  The place where

Love heightens,

Hate deepens, and

Hope–unconquerable hope–soon rises.



  1. Joan Janis

    Time and time again I observe the difference in my thinking once the sun comes up and the light is upon me. In darkest night, it is not usually easy to remember that the light will be back come the morning. The energy, the positive vibe, the hope that the sun provides–it’s all to the good!


    • A Mugwump

      For a long time, what with working at night, I wanted to believe that time of day didn’t matter. These days, it feels so much easier to just let my environment effect me. It’s quite nice really.


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