The Perfect Saturday Morning

“All aboard!” he yelled in his best train conductor voice.  She loved riding on the front of the shopping cart as they made their way through the grocery store.

“All aboard!” she mimicked, smiling and grabbing hold.  “Faster daddy!”

It was Wednesday night.  They were buying enough supplies to last them for the coming week.  Racing through the produce section, skipping past the deli on the right, and taking a hard left with a little too much speed, they made it to the back of the store in record time, narrowly avoiding a collision with the lobster tank.

“Let’s see.  What do we need H-?  I think we need lunch meat for my lunches, bread-”

“Milk, daddy?  We need milk, right daddy?”

“That’s right, but that’s all the way on the other side.  What else do we need before then?”

“Cereal? ”

“Yep, cereal,” he answered.

Passing the Pepsi shrine, he turned down the breakfast aisle. They were alone.  With one big shove he jumped onto the back of the cart as they cruised towards the off-brand bags.

Beaming with joy, she could only ask, “What are you doing, daddy?  What are you doing?”

“Oh, just having fun.  Errrrrrt!” he sounded, halting prematurely at the sight of pancake mix.  “I think we need pancake mix too.”

“Pancake mix?”

“Yep.  What’s this?  Look here H-.  It says we can make 130 pancakes out of just this one bag.  That’s a lot of pancakes, huh?”

“A lot of pancakes?”

“Yes, a lot of pancakes.  Can you eat 130 pancakes?”

“No, that’s silly,” she said, laughing.

“Yeah, me neither.  Do you believe this bag has enough mix to make 130 pancakes?”


“What do you say we put Krusteaz to the test this weekend?”


“Your friends like pancakes right?”

“My friends?”

“Yeah, your friends.  What do you say we invite all of them over for breakfast on Saturday, and see if we can really make 130 pancakes?”



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