First Day Back

“The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there is work to be done.  Man!  It’s good to be back,” our protagonist thought to himself as he walked towards his work buddies.  For them the day wasn’t much different than any other, but when they saw him walking up, smiles became the expression of the day.

“Hey buddy!  There you are.  This place hasn’t been the same without you.  Where ‘ve you been?” they all clamored.

“Oh, you know,” he laughed as a sheepish grin and a lack of eye contact proved that it really was him.

In no time the guys had broken off into two-man teams and began tackling their work.  His first three customers tipped.  As much as he wished to conceal his joy, his eyes betrayed him.  We all could tell the joy he felt came from deep within.  It wasn’t until we subdued him with a prolonged peppering of questions that we learned that the light that we saw was his body’s way of saying, “Wow.  This is so much better than jail.  I’m never going back.”

The trouble was after work his mind wandered.


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