Christmas Cookies

Then in the morning, the two of them began their weekend day as usual.

She pleaded “Daaaddy” while prone and unmoving.  He went to collect her.  As it was the weekend, he convinced her it was to be a lazy day, so more sleep was necessary and allowable.  Now in his bed, she seemed to try to sleep.  That lasted all of three minutes.  After thirty minutes of unsuccessful attempts to quell her, he finally agreed to wake up.

“You forgot my chair,” she reminded him, standing and pointing to the table and chairs.

“That’s right I did,” he groggily responded.  “How can you help me make chocolate chip pancakes if you don’t have your chair?”

“I want cocoa puffs,” she confessed.

“Really?  That’s too bad.  I want chocolate chip pancakes, so that’s what we’re having.  It’s going to be a rough life kiddo.”


“What kind of cookies are we making?” she wanted to know.

“You’re not going to know them by name, but they’re called peanut butter blossoms.  They’re special Christmas cookies.”

“Christmas cookies?”


“Can I pour it?  Can I pour it?  Can I pour it?”

“Sure.  Be careful, it’s heavy.”

“What’s that daddy?”

“It’s peanut butter.”

“You’re putting peanut butter with the muh-muh-margarine?” she asked, inquisitively seeking proper pronunciation affirmation.

“Yep, that’s what the recipe says to do.”

“Can I stir?”

“Uh, your bowl just has flower.  But sure.  Go ahead.”

“Look daddy, I’m stirring.”

“Yep, you’re doing a great job.”

“Why are you stirring so fast daddy?”


“Watch me stir fast!”

“Whoa, slow down.  Try to keep the ingredients inside the bowl.  You didn’t make the mess because you stirred fast, it’s that you didn’t watch what you were doing when you stirred fast.  When I stir fast, I’m always watching the bowl.  Understand?”

“Like this daddy?” she asked, beginning to speed up while looking him directly in the eye, again seeking approval.

“No silly, you’re still not looking at the bowl.”

“Why are you stirring so fast daddy?”

Luckily, for him, the war had acted as a preparation of sorts for relentless interrogations such as these.

“Just keep stirring your bowl H-.”


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