Part 2 – I’m Moving to Mars in 2022

The question remains: “Are humans really going to be living on Mars in 2023?”  To begin my research, I found an editorial written by former moon-walker himself Buzz Aldrin.  This year he wrote that notions of going back to the moon should be discarded in favor of exploring Mars; and he said, “Going to Mars means staying on Mars…” (Aldrin).  Well, for me, that about settled it; we’re going to Mars.  Okay, maybe it didn’t settle anything, but I liked that he agreed with the requirement that the trip be one way.  I was also excited to see that an authority on the subject is clearly as excited as I am about this trip.  Why?  Because while Buzz Aldrin clearly passed muster regarding astronaut-hood, I really don’t know how credible he is regarding the specifics of space exploration.  But here’s the thing–I don’t care.  His credibility, for me, comes from the fact that he went.  And having went, he recommends going farther.  Imagine my elation then, being one source into this paper and already having one reassurance that 2023 will be the year of the Red Planet.  Nice!


Aldrin, Buzz. “The Call of Mars.” The New York Times. (June 14, 2013 Friday): 734 words.


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