At first the accusation stung, but he was too resilient to let it bother him for long.  What with everyone else committing the same error, he didn’t feel that bad for projecting.


  1. Janet

    There were these two polacks and they each owned a horse. They couldn’t tell the horses apart so polack #1 said to the other, “You cut the mane off of yours and then my horse has the mane and your horse is without the mane.” For a time that idea worked and all was well. Later though the mane grew back. So again polack #1 had an idea and said, “Let’s try this. You cuf off the tail this time. Mine has a tail and yours does not.”
    For a longer time that worked but eventually the tail grew back. So finally Polack #2 said, Hey! How about yours is the
    black horse and mine is the brown horse!”

    Courtesy of my memories of Jerry “Apples” Jablonski


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