Random Updates

I texted my Muslim acquaintance. He hasn’t got back to me. So I’m back to square one regarding knowing a Muslim (radical or not). But I have, in fact, let all the talk about “radical Islam” be a catalyst to finally reading the Qur’an myself. Believe me when I tell you that there will be many posts to come about that little book. Suffice it to say, it is only 350 pages (the English copy I have) and I recommend it to you. I recommend it to everyone. I especially recommend it to any wayward, post-modern, grew-up-in-the-church-then-left-because-obviously (fill in the blank with anything from “there is no god” to “I love the Da Vinci Code”) Christians. The Qur’an is a must read. Let’s make it a NY Times best-seller. Seriously.


This is probably too soon, and likely inappropriate on several levels, but I want to share an idea that I couldn’t stop regarding an Onion-style post. My idea is to have Trump insist that the President call the alligator an “alligator” but the President refuses. Instead the President favors the label “a native Floridan swimmer of the swamps and walker of the woods and tall grass”. And while those two argue about names, all the male toddlers across the country use the episode to push their long-standing agenda to “skip the bath”. The post would have concluded with a scene back in Orlando showing the first of several alligator eggs hatching to witness its parents and aunts and uncles rounded up and killed by uniformed professionals.

What do you think? Would’ve been funny, right? Or no?


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