On Trump

Two uncorrelated thoughts.

First, for all of you who find yourselves speechless regarding Mr. Trump, know that that is how some of us feel every time the president speaks. The two of them stand on opposite sides of a continuum that capitalizes on the power of vocal inflection.

Second, I sold my television a few years ago. If you have been waiting for a reason to dispense of yours and also to reduce your monthly expenditures, allow Mr. Trump’s popularity to be the catalyst that prompted you to finally do so. If Kim Kardashian broke the internet, Donald Trump broke television. Use this moment to turn it off–for the last time.



  1. quiltjunkie

    Well said Pete! I’d happily do away with every television in this house but Better Half would probably die from the withdrawal symptoms …. And then there’s the Internet: filled with the same garbage, slightly easier to filter through (thankfully) and completely necessary as my business is all online. :-/ Happy Wednesday to you & yours!

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  2. lillygayle

    I could never get rid of my TV. Love Discovery Channel, Mysteries at the Museum, Big Band Theory, Bastard Executioner, etc. BUT I did do away with my home phone because the only people who ever called it were politicians and telemarketers. But you are dead on with your comments on our current president and Mr. Trump. Voting for president in 2016 is going to be like choosing between two plagues.

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