Glenn’s Review of It’s Just Us, Daddy by Pete Deakon Is Up

coverfrontYou can, but really should not, read it by clicking here.

I think he was a bit lazy with this one, or perhaps I was hoping for a more pointed critique than saying my story was “pointless.” No big thing. What’s important is that low things, bad things, poor things–like his review–allow for greatness to be seen as an even greater success in the future. You know, zero-to-hero style. In other words, maybe he’ll hate the sequel to the story more fully. 🙂

Oh yeah, buy the book on Amazon by clicking on the picture or here.


One comment

  1. noelleg44

    Any reviewer that has to use the f bomb to express himself is not worthy of consideration. I prefer the old adage – if you can’t say anything nice about something, don’t say anything at all!

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