The Future

I know I don’t want to fly anymore.  I try and I try to explain to well-intended people that flying in the Air Force was about serving my country in the best manner I could.  And Top Gun.  Nothing more.  It’s over.  I’d like to move on.

The office job was okay, but there wasn’t enough work.  In the Air Force–where you can’t get fired–taking it easy every once in a while (or as much as possible in my case) was nice and stress free.  In a civilian job, it torturous to not have enough to do.  And it kills my soul to pretend to be busy.  I can’t do it.  And I can’t do work whose value eludes me.


There are scores and score of books written about working smarter, not harder.  Management guru Peter Drucker says something to the effect of “you can meet or you can work.”  People laud the man during meetings.  WTF, over?


I know I can’t do salaried work.  It’s an abuse of the human spirit.

I love this blog, but I can’t see myself doing it for pay.  It’s mine right now.  Mine.  Money would change that.


Today, at work,  a grown-ass woman said to me, “You guys threw away my chocolate bar.  I just went to Whole Foods and paid $6 for an organic chocolate bar.”  She expected me to give her $6.  I couldn’t stop thinking, “You spent $6 on a candy bar?  You could get an entire pizza for $6.  What moron would spend $6 on a chocolate bar and then leave it in the door of her car on top of a bunch of shit?”  I wouldn’t, and I didn’t give her the money.  It’s called an accident.  I’d go further and call it a missed life lesson.  Lucky for her, the proverb “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is still in effect.  The cashiers gave her the money.  Anything to please the customer.  What is wrong with the world?


Most of my friends and family believe that each of us has a passion and that should be our work.  My passion is fun.  And my definition of work is quite the opposite of fun.  Where should I work?  Can anyone tell me how a guy like me should acquire money?

So what should I be doing?  Where should I work?



  1. Karen Nelson

    Have you looked into jobs at Westword~the newspaper. Seems you would enjoy working with the people there. Their office is on Broadway.


    P.S. The chocolate bar is probably healthier for the bod than the pizza : )


    • A Mugwump

      Thanks for the tip Karen. I’m familiar with the publication, but haven’t read it much. I’ll look into it.

      P.S. I hope you’re aware that I am hoping you’ll come around to the joy of fast food as much as you’re hoping I’ll come around to the joy of vegetables. 🙂


  2. Randall Shelton

    Well, at least YOU know what your passion is and what you like. Helping others to have fun is a grand calling. Go for it. Full bore, as they say. I agree with Karen about that pizza idea. And if she’s the Karen Nelson I know – OH JOY !. 🙂 Randall


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