Random Thoughts Two

People who were raised in incredibly strict households, especially religious households, make for incredibly interesting friends.  (Yes, I’m talking about you Andy.)

There is a singular, unparalleled feeling of joy as a child innocently and repeatedly exhales into your ear as they try to develop the secret that just had to be whispered.

Fruit punch soda.  Where have I been?  It’s amazing.  Instead of going flat, it turns into Hawaiian Punch.  Yum.

If you need to drink Red Bull or any other energy drink to make it through a day of skiing, you’re missing the point.

Some people’s kids.  The high for the last two days has been five degrees.  Yet over 150 people chose to get their car washed.  What is it about people with cash to burn that they can’t be talked out of spending it?  Seriously.  Here’s a couple insights into the 21st century city-dweller’s mind.

  • In response to a woman telling me she’d like to go ahead and get a car wash, despite the temperature being below the point that third-graders learn water freezes, I inquired, “Will you give me a chance to talk you out of it?”  She replied, smiling knowingly, “No.”
  • After a lady complained that the outside of her car was not very clean, despite the fact that the water froze before we could dry it off, we said, “Well, it is difficult to wipe off frozen water.”  She responded, “Well then you shouldn’t be open today.”  More surprising than her belief that she made a valid point was that even after re-washing her car she left unsatisfied.

Have a good weekend.


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