Three Priceless Quarters

One wake up.  That’s all that stood between him and the mountains.  Having just arrived home from work, he decided to go ahead and bring the necessary gear stored in the garage into the house.  Man, he hadn’t used his blue Kelty external frame pack for years.  Lifting it off the bottom shelf of the tall grey wooden shop-cabinet in the garage, he was immediately awestruck by how familiar the metal felt within his hand.  The memories came rushing back.

The outermost flap pocket was bulging with a several yellow trash bags which doubled as poor-man rain covers for the pack when necessary.  His very own four season, dual door, dual vestibule Eureka K2 XT tent finally rendered those unnecessary.  He put them aside.

Curiosity took over.  He wondered if the pack still had the devotional and music books from scouting days.  Yup.

What other treasures did the pack contain?  Muskol–the best insect repellent available.  Ah, deet.  He chuckled to himself as he remembered that he used to derive great pleasure from reading other brand’s deet percentages knowing they had only puny, laughable amounts of deet.  Yes, Muskol was the best ever, and it was his.

What else…  Oh, here’s something: a Ziploc bag filled with materials for a homemade first-aid kit.  What’s this?  Three quarters.  “Wow,” he startled himself not realizing he exclaimed that out loud.  It all came rushing back.  His scout leaders always recommended carrying a few quarters in case a pay phone was needed.  Those quarters had been in that bag, in that pack for over 15 years.  Those three quarters exemplified the two most eloquent, powerful words he’d ever heard:  Be prepared.

Happy Labor Day.



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