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    • A Mugwump

      Hey Steph,

      Thanks for letting me know/nominating me. I will likely follow up with this in the future, but as you know, my time to write is shrinking these days, so I’d like to focus on my own stuff. It really is a unique feeling to have a total stranger take time out of their day to do this though, so thanks again.



  1. Louise

    hi pete. bit overwhelmed with some of your writings. i think i might have to start at the start to ‘get the drift.’ Anyway thanks for liking my birthday blog. In another blog I asked my followers if they could recommend a great biography… do you know of one?


  2. allychat

    Hi Pete, Thanks for following me. What a super blog you have here, loads of interesting stuff and great stories. Will read through them and comment soon. Great stuff 🙂


        • Pete Deakon

          Well, my novel is about divorce. During my marriage and divorce nobody really knew I would produce a book based on it, whereas now they all know to expect their comments and lives to make appearances here on this blog. And the question became how do I tell a good/solid story, versus just how to I tell my story. Like you wrote, which parts should I omit and which demand a presence.



  3. poetrybyimpulse

    Today I found out i had 100 crazy followers & you are one of my personal favourites. & that made me smile as I am not very important or clever person. It’s also Valentine’s Day in this part of the universe. SO I thought i’d write and say a huge thank you personally for your support and for finding some interest in my thoughts and what i write. And as its valentines day, i hope you find yourself surrounded by pleasure and fun and lots of crazy happy love! from one human to another! 🙂

    Thank you,

    i hope you like the flattery! 😛 haha

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