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Join Haydee and Daddy for a day at the park in It’s Just Us, Daddy. What at first appears to be a lonely visit to the purple park soon transforms into a fun-filled imagination adventure that will captivate children and parents alike.

Kaelyn Williams’ uncommonly graceful illustrations make Deakon’s easy to read aloud bedtime story unforgettable.

Based on a true story, It’s Just Us, Daddy is sure to bestow upon every reader one family’s love of life.





Rick and Mark are friends, but they have lots of friends. After Mark’s wife Rebecca is murdered, he does the unthinkable–twice. Would you? Could you?

Pete Deakon lightens the mood, at least a shade, with his second short novel, Buried Within. The story explores friendship, hope, guilt, and ultimately, love. At times laugh-out-loud funny, through an easy-going style and brisk pace, this contemporary thriller pleasantly affirms and challenges some of Mid-America’s most cherished notions.





Simon Pastor Cover Simon Pastor believed he had never been hurt before. By the time he found himself in an uncontrolled cycle of hurting his wife, he realized that was not true. He felt his wife had hurt him. Then he hurt her. And hurt her. And hurt her. Finally, he divorced her. But that didn’t stop the hurt.

The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor is an explicit look at innocence and hurt. It is not about innocence lost, but about innocence never had. It is about the most destructive kind of hurt. A shameful tale of his descent into madness, The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor offers an unencumbered look into one man’s failed marriage and failed divorce.




Icarus and the Wing Builder

A rocky beach landscape that can be nowhere other than Ancient Greece; an unfairly wronged man finding hope in a bird’s effortless flight against a cerulean sky; a young orphan boy answering, “Icarus,” when asked his name; a strong captain sailing a ship that’s carrying an unlikely pair across the Mediterranean; a tribal king leaning back on his over-sized throne with authority after having just pronounced a passionate, yet never uncontrolled, decree; willing courtesans listlessly walking by, hinting at nights filled with passionate love-making; the man concluding a fatherly wisdom spiel with a look which says, “Don’t you know I love you?”; the young man Icarus leaving on a walk-a-bout that he just might not return from; a back-lit image of the man standing on a cliff wearing giant clearly hand-made wings that somehow possess a they-just-might-work quality to them; the man wearing wings falling off a cliff out of sight then rising up against a cloudless sky–this is Robert Case’s Icarus and the Wing Builder.



Entering the Real World

Entering the Real World is a collection of practical ideas to empower young adults as they enter and adjust to the real world. The ideas are simple, straightforward and easy to adapt; no major life changes are needed (though some could result). Most high schools and colleges still focus primarily on academics and ignore teaching practical skills needed to thrive in the real world.

Role models for young adults are often entertainers, Olympic athletes and sports figures, all of whom devote much time to achieve their goals. Self-help media most often teach about major changes that are needed to succeed with a new approach to living. Instead, Entering the Real World offers smaller but powerful ideas that can be applied immediately and successfully to one’s life without a “major internal overhaul.”




I started writing the posts that make up this book April 20, 2012 after serving for eight years as an Air Force Captain and pilot. The most common response readers give is a smiling, head-shaking look of disbelief that is sometimes sprinkled with joy. What no one has said–but I’m confident all feel–is that after reading these posts, after reading this book, they know they are not alone. And that’s the truth. You are not alone. And the only way to get there is together.

From Professor Batman to A Jaw-Dropping Woman, Captain’s Log April 2012-2014 is now available for Amazon Kindle. Purchase it here for only $2.99.



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