He Likes His Mayonnaise

Before we get to the story, I thought you should know that you can download the Kindle version of Captain’s Log April 2012 – July 2014 for FREE today, Friday, and Saturday (Jan 8, 9, and 10). Enjoy!


My dad first told me about the amazing sandwiches at Jimmy John’s while I was back home in Kansas City a few years ago. We were on our way to see Josh Groban in concert. Yes. Two adult men, a father son duo, were going to see Josh Groban–himself a man–alone. Nothing odd about that.

We were walking to the new Sprint Center where along the way we planned to grab a bite. And he just kept talking about how much he liked the mayonnaise on these sandwiches. On top of this fact, in classic father style, he shared that he always only ate half and then wrapped up the rest to enjoy a little later. But what struck me was the mayonnaise comment. It struck me because I happen to love the Kansas City favorite Mr. Goodcent’s Subs for the same reason. When I visit, I stop at Goodcent’s at least once just for their 16 inch Italian on white, cheddar cheese please, and I insist on extra mayonnaise. I love their mayonnaise.

So now I am discovering that besides the two of us sharing a love for the ever-chivalristic stylings of Josh Groban, we also love mayonnaise. Nice.

But he’s my dad. So I should’ve known there would be a catch to his passion. Opening the door to the restaurant for the first time, I immediately noticed that they have Costco size containers of their choice condiments on proud display behind and above the counter. So what kind of miraculous mayonnaise does Jimmy John’s use to subdue my dad sandwich after sandwich? Hellmann’s. The same mayonnaise my mom has made his sandwiches with for years. I’m pretty sure that, in its own peculiar way, that is love.


  1. EDW

    I agree that mayonnaise is the nectar of the gods. But you have not really eaten delicious mayonnaise until you have eaten Blue Plate mayonnaise, from New Orleans. I eat it on anything I can think of: tater tots, fish sticks, my fingers. It will make you weep. Give some to your dad for Father’s Day.

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    • Pete Deakon

      Oh yes. George is always trying to get me to try a new one. I just can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed mustard in the same way. But I love that our parents are so influential with their condiment preferences.



  2. tripleclicka

    Regretfully, I do not own a kindle. However, said book will be delivered to me on Tuesday, according to Amazon. My very first purchase with them, thanks for that, now I am one of THOSE people…. I do still love mayo though, so it could be worse. I could be one of those Miracle Whip people. (phlegm in a jar!)


  3. lisalovecraft

    Hah people really have a love/hate relationship with mayo! I have had a few people tell me how much they hate mayo and go to lengths to describe what they feel are the disgusting details of it. Glad to here the other viewpoint. Cute post!! I am a pro-mayonnaise person too!


    • Pete Deakon

      Hey Sarah,

      That’s right. I knew I had a few books in me and in the Air Force we always practiced everything before we actually did it, so I figured might as well practice with all these words I’ve already written before attempting to really make some money. The experience is free and invaluable. And I have a paperback that I’m particularly fond of… 🙂


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  4. francisguenette

    Okay – a funny story about mayonnaise – cool. I confess to loving Hellman’s. I bought it because of that guy on the commercial who cooked chicken for his mom using Hellman’s mayonnaise and ended saying – I’m nothing without my Hellman’s. Previously, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Miracle Whip user as had been my mother and grandmother before her. Having sidetracked with such trivia – I didn’t expect to get so suddenly emotional over a mayonnaise story but your line about that being love did it for me. Thank you.


    • Pete Deakon

      Ha. Softie. 😉 If you’re short on Kleenex, avoid “The Daughter Project” posts… Thank you for sharing. I am pretty pleased with the responses this condiment has elicited.



  5. crumpledpapercranes

    Hellman’s is like ice cream to me. Not that I’d be caught in a break room with packet after packet, squeezing the white goodness into a soup bowl to eat it bare, with a plastic spoon. No, that’s just wrong. Your anecdote reminds me of children who say they love Miss So-and-So’s car while their parents have the exact same model. The only difference? Miss So-and-So’s car isn’t cluttered with stuffed animals and littered with Cheerios.

    I too love Jimmy John’s, and do not apologize for your admiration of Mr. Groban. I am very fond of his appearance in that Jimmy Kimmel skit, “I’m f-cking Ben Affleck” (in response to the original “I’m f-cking Matt Damon,” by Sarah Silverman). Youtube it if you are not familiar.

    I know on one of my first dates my ex-boyfriend drove us in his dad’s car. A Josh Groban CD instantly played as he got the car running. He immediately said “I’m so sorry,” grumbling “Father fail,” shortly after


  6. loujenhaxmyor

    Years ago I went with some friends to a bowling alley. While there I ordered a hamburger. As I bit into it, I exclaimed how this was the best burger I ever had. Peeling a bun layer I noticed there was mayonnaise instead of ketchup on the burger. I’ve had mayo on my burgers ever since.


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